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We are a fully-fledged static solution and lightning protection company catering to Texas residents since 2005. We offer customized, affordable, and high-quality lightning protection solutions to various clients, such as industrial facilities, retail stores, office buildings, schools, and residential properties. With our perseverance and attention to detail, we have helped hundreds of customers with top-of-the-line lightning rod installations to prevent weather-related disasters.


Our Services

Residential Lightning Protection System

Protect your apartments, condos, and single-unit homes with top-of-the-line lightning rods to ensure that lightning strikes never bother you again!

Commercial Lightning Protection System

Utilize our state-of-the-art lighting protection services to equip your commercial spaces with the most advanced lightning protection tools to ensure minimum downtime!


Mario DeCruz

Strikeforce Lightening Protection is a small, family owned business. The attention to detail they provide ensures not only a high performing lightning protection system but also an aesthetically superior one. If you are looking to purchase protect a high profile priory or a custom home look no farther.

Brian Otis

Strikeforce lightning protection installed lightning rods for my vacation home in Texas. They performed the work in a professional manner. The pricing was affordable too. Highly recommend.

Arron Scott

Reliable and knowledgeable. The owner has over 50 years experience and you can trust them get it done right with no corners cut.

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