Lightning Rods Contractors In New Braunfels And San Antonio, TX

A lightning rod is a simple tool used for many years to protect homes and buildings from the damage that lightning can cause. It attracts electrical charges from thunderstorms, which discharge into the ground without harming anything.

This process is done by using a long metal rod, usually made of copper or aluminum, and attaching it to the top of the building. The rod is then connected to a grounding wire which acts as an “earth” connection for the electrical charge to flow through safely.

The lightning rod is usually part of a lightning protection system. The basic concept behind this system is that it allows for an indirect path for electricity to travel along rather than allowing it to run through your house or building directly. That prevents any damage from occurring during times when there is an electrical storm overhead.

Lightning strikes happen when clouds become charged with electricity through friction with other clouds or objects like mountains or trees. When a cloud becomes charged with an electric field of about 100 million volts per meter, it can generate its own negative charge at the top of the cloud.

This negative charge attracts positive charges on the ground below, creating what we know as lightning. The negative charges on the ground cause positive charges to flow upward, creating an arc between them.

Lightning rods work perfectly for lightning strikes because they are metal and attract lightning. And that is because metal has more electrons than protons in its atoms.


Why You Need Lightning Rods

Lightning rods are a critical part of any home protection system. But there are real legit reasons why you need them in your home.

Lightning rods are used to protect buildings from the effects of lightning strikes. When lightning strikes the ground, it can travel up to 60 miles into the air and strike other objects, including tall buildings. Lightning rods attract and direct this electrical energy to the ground without damaging the building.

The simplest form of lightning rod consists of a pointed metal rod mounted on top of a roof or other point on a building’s exterior. This rod is connected by wires running through the wall into a grounding belowground grounding system.

They work by distributing a large portion of the lightning’s energy into the earth, allowing only a small amount to get through to your home. That reduces the risk of fire and damage to your property.

Besides the obvious reason of protecting you from lightning strikes, lightning rods can also protect you from other stray electrical charges. In addition, you can use them for other purposes, such as providing a path for electricity from solar panels on roofs or houseplants in gardens. 

They usually come with an attached grounding wire that connects them directly to a grounding rod in your yard or garden. That way, electricity can flow freely into the ground instead of being absorbed by trees or other plants.

Lightning rods can also protect you from spending huge sums on repairs. But, unfortunately, lightning can cause a lot of damage to your house and property—and the more valuable your home is, the more you have to lose. One bolt of lightning can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

But with proper lightning protection, you can protect your home from these devastating strikes. In addition, installing a lightning rod system on your house or business can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs from damaged roofs, walls, and plumbing systems caused by lightning strikes.

Most insurance companies will not cover lightning-related damages to your house, and that’s where lightning rods come in. They provide critical protection against the effects of lightning, helping you avoid a costly repair bill that could cost hundreds of thousands.