Lightning Protection System Installation and Repair

Strikeforce is a New Braunfels Texas-based company that offers lightning protection systems for homes and businesses. It’s not uncommon for Texans to experience lightning strikes, which can cause property damage and injuries. That’s why we’re here to help you protect your home from these dangerous storms.

We are the best in the business and can help you get started with a free consultation. We offer an array of options to choose the system best suits your needs and budget. 

If you live in Texas and have a lightning protection system installed in your house, you know how important it is to keep that system in good working order. If the system breaks down, it can leave you vulnerable to dangerous situations. We’re here to help with any repairs or replacements needed for your system.

Our experts will work with you to determine what kind of system would work best for your house or business and how much it will cost. We pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward regarding our products and services so that there are no surprises when we finish working on your property.

At Strikeforce, we believe in quality over quantity—we don’t just install one kind of lightning protection system; we install multiple types depending on what will work best for your property. So you can be confident knowing that we’ll work diligently to ensure you get the best lightning protection system available on the market today.

Types of Lightning Protection System Installation

We offer different types of lightning protection system installations. The most common one is the exposed lightning protection system. We do three types: Concealed, Partially Concealed, and Exposed Lightning protection systems.

Concealed Lightning Protection System

We offer installations of concealed lightning protection systems. The concealed lightning protection system is a common and popular method for lightning protection. It is used in residential, commercial, mechanical, and industrial buildings. The main components of this type of system are wires, conductors, lightning rods, insulators, and surge arresters.

Lightning rods are installed at the top of the building, directing any lightning strikes to them instead of the building. The energy from the strike is carried down the rod into the earth, dissipating it without affecting anything else on or around your property.

Lightning rods are made from copper because it has excellent conductivity and can withstand high voltage charges without breaking down or melting away as other metals would do under similar conditions. 

However, aluminum can also be used when copper may not be available locally due to cost constraints or other factors, such as availability at local hardware stores.

A concealed lightning protection system’s primary purpose is to protect those inside a building from lightning strikes. This type of system requires some skill and technical know-how to execute the procedures for installation.

Partially Concealed Lightning Protection System

We also offer installations for partially concealed lightning protection systems. A partially concealed system is a lightning protection system installed in a building and can be partially concealed. 

This type of lightning protection system is typically used when there is not enough space for a fully concealed system, but it cannot be completely exposed. These types of systems are generally used when installing them into walls, ceilings, and other areas that are difficult to expose due to the design of the building or installation location.

The partially concealed lightning protection system is built into concrete walls, brick walls, concrete ceilings, and other surfaces. To install one of these systems, you will need to drill holes into your wall or ceiling where you want your lightning rod to go. 

Once these holes have been drilled into the surface, you will need to use a cement mortar mix or some adhesive material. That will make it stick securely onto the wall or ceiling surface without falling off during an actual lightning strike event near your location on the earth’s surface.

Exposed Lightning Protection System

And one of our highly demanded types of protection systems is the Exposed Lightning protection system. The exposed lightning protection system is the most common type of lightning protection system installation, and you can install it on any building or structure. 

This installation is usually done as part of a larger renovation project, such as a roof replacement or window replacement. However, it’s also a popular choice for homes that don’t have any kind of existing lightning protection system in place.

The exposed lightning protection system uses a series of rods or cables to connect the roof and ground. The rods are anchored into concrete, and the cables run from one rod to another, forming an arc between them. 

The lightning protection system is designed in a way that when there is an electrical surge in the atmosphere above your property, this arc will conduct electricity safely away from your home or business building.

It’s important to note that this installation does not protect against ground strikes. Although those are rare, they can do severe damage if they occur. It also doesn’t protect against any electrical surges that occur inside your building (for example, if someone accidentally hits an outlet with their foot). 

But it does provide good insulation against outside electrical surges and protects against lightning striking your property directly through its ability to conduct electricity safely away from your property.

Do You Need a Lightning Protection System

Lightning is one of the dangerous things in Texas. The state has the highest number of lightning strikes per square mile, leading the nation in deaths from lightning strikes. As a result, Texans need to install a lightning protection system from Strikeforce lightning protection.

Strikeforce lightning protection systems protect your home and property from lightning damage. We offer various options that we can customize to fit your needs and budget. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your home or business, including:

  • Installing a grounding rod system around your property
  • Installing a surge protector on all power lines entering your home or business
  • Installing a transformer on top of your roof or near an outside wall prevents surges from reaching inside wiring

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