Strike Force Lightning Protection is a fully-fledged static solution and lightning protection company catering to Texas residents since 2005. We offer customized, affordable, and high-quality lightning protection solutions to various clients, including industrial facilities, retail stores, office buildings, schools, and residential properties. We have helped hundreds of customers with top-of-the-line lightning rod installations to prevent weather-related disasters with our attention to detail.

Our experienced and professional staff at the core of our operations try our best to ensure that our highest quality and safety standards are sustained. Moreover, our entire team of engineers and lighting protection experts is certified by U.L, which means that they are equipped with the 

relevant knowledge and skillset to cater to any lightning installation project. We also utilize cutting-edge designs in our installations to ensure that your property’s aesthetic value isn’t affected by ‘traditional’ looking lightning rods.

Being a locally owned and operated company ourselves, we understand what customer service means to our clients. This is why we go all-out to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with our services. Moreover, we are also very flexible and incorporate our pricing plans to provide seamless payment regimens and ultimate customer satisfaction.


Our mission is simple. We want to change the ‘conventional’ standards of lightning protection in the Texas state and protect our residential and commercial customers using the most advanced lightning protection tools!


• Our services and products are compliant with U.L
• Our engineers and employees are licensed and certified by the relevant safety and quality authorities
• All of the products and equipment used in our services, such as grounding equipment, wires, multimeters, surge hardware, generators, are high-quality and safe
• We do not outsource our services to any third-parties
• We are flexible in our pricing
• We love what we do